What's New / Social Initiatives
  • Our product line for connectors and cables. Please go to the Product Web page.
  • Recently completed projects for Click
  • SEPL celebrates 8th Birthday.

  • Engaging Young citizens - Young Children across the all strata of the society are given counsnselling on their career and social values. During summer vacation, camps are organized for Yoga and Pranayaam.

  • Senior Citizen Programme - We at SEPL, have realized that, in and around Delhi, there are many senior Citizens couples who are well off, but are living alone, as their children are away for earning their livelihood These couples require moral and sometimes Medical support & services. SEPL has adopted a few families and provides them support with respect to their day-to-day needs.

  • Practicing Social Values - Our strong belief is in practicing these social values, to repay our large debt to Nature and Society. We welcome your suggestions and participation.

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